Hugh Thompson Consulting provides mediation services for those families, individuals and groups. Mediation is available in Brisbane, either at our office in Scarborough or at a place appropriate for all concerned.

Mediation is a way to resolve conflict and disputes that is both quicker and more cost-effective than having a costly court battle. Importantly, our mediation services give you the chance to have your say, to be heard and to make your own decisions.

Family Mediation
A family mediator (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) helps people resolve their differences effectively:

  • Without going to court and having long, drawn out battle
  • Without destroying relationships
  • Without a lot of lawyer involvement (it’s your choice)

In Family Mediation (also known as Family Dispute Resolution) each party’s issues are recognised and discussed, thus bringing clarity to the situation.

We provide a prompt service, and where appropriate, provide resolution within a few days rather than weeks or months.

Parties to mediation can have a written and/or enforceable agreement. Parties can be issued with a Certificate 60i, so that the parent/parents can have access to the Family Law Court.

Hugh is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. So, Hugh conducts the dispute resolution process in an impartial manner and adheres to ethical standards of practice. Our family mediation process means that we focus on all party’s needs and interests, rather than the position they have taken.

Hugh has completed training that assists him to recognise power imbalance and issues relating to control and intimidation, and will take appropriate steps to manage the mediation process accordingly.

Overall, family mediation significantly reduces communication problems, allowing each party to understand the other’s viewpoint.

Child Inclusive Mediation
We ensure that the best interests of children are central to the outcomes of mediation.

All our mediation services are reasonably and competitively priced.

Meeting Transitions in Life
Hugh Thompson is a nationally accredited mediator who provides mediation services for:

  • Family Transitions
  • Youth
  • Separation and family mediation
  • Property settlement
  • Living arrangements for adults with disability
  • Estate planning
  • Elder Mediation
  • Planning living/care arrangements for parents
  • Elder abuse
  • Employee Assistance Programs

If you want to know more about mediation, the Attorney General Department has extensive information on their website: Attorney General Department Family Dispute Resolution

We offer prompt service, flexible hours and reasonable fees
For a confidential discussion about your needs, please phone Hugh on 0409 629 551 or contact us today.